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Friday, August 18, 2006

Rovzar show piece #1c

Yesterday and today's work on Rovzar show piece #1 Was going to wait til it was finished to post but it still has a lot of work so figured I would go ahead and put it up.

"Pear & Bag" 22" x 20"

Here is "Pear % Bag, 22" x 20" Oil/Linen or Rovzar Show piece #3. This was finished Wednesday and varnished today. The other two pieces for this show will be photographed and posted when they are finished, which hopefully will be soon. They are all three booked into the framers for Aug 28.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rovzar show pieces

These are the two pieces I worked on yesterday and today. They are two of the three pieces for the official opening of the new downtown Seattle space for Patricia Rovzar Gallery opening September 16. All three are 22" x 20" Oil/Linen

"Curtain, Pomegranate" 24" x 22"

#11, finished and now "Curtain, Pomegranate" 24" x 22" Oil/Linen. Next to last of the September Show pieces. Spent today working on Rovzar show pieces.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

3 Pears 20" x 18" Oil/Linen

This is #12, now, "3 Pears" 20" x 18" Oil/Linen Still have another to post that is finished but need to process the image first. Tomorrow.

Pomegranates, Tray 20" x 18" Oil/Linen

This is #9, now "Pomegranates, Tray" 20" x 18" Oil/Linen The green shade, while not a true blackout shade is from a memory of the blackout shades we had at a beach house in New Jersey during the WWII.

Four Pomegranates 22 x 20 Oil/Linen

Long time since the last post. Have been working in between other demands (including some play). Also have had some problems getting things posted on Blogger so will post each finished piece separately. This is "4 Pomegranates" (#8) 22" x 20" Oil/Linen